Lenvatinib 4 mg Lenvatinib Capsules

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Brand Name: Lenvenib
Composition: Lenvatinib 4mg
Manufactured By: Sun Pharmaceuticals
Form: Capsule
Packing: Pack of 7 Capsules
Country Of Origin: India



In the treatment of thyroid cancer, Lenvatinib 4 mg Capsules is an oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Lenvatinib 4 mg Capsules from CiplaIt’s best to take Lenvatinib 4mg Capsules at the same time each day, although you can take it with or without food. The dosage and timing of your medication will be decided by your physician. Depending on the condition you’re trying to recover from, your treatment plan may evolve over time. Taking it as prescribed by your doctor is essential. If used incorrectly or in excess, it might have life-threatening adverse effects. Do not stop taking it unless your doctor advises you to, even if it takes several weeks or months to see or feel the benefits.

The most common side effects of this medication include fatigue, joint discomfort, muscle soreness, nausea, and vomiting.. It may also produce a strong headache, confusion, problems with your eyesight, and difficulty in speaking. If this occurs, your doctor may perform a blood pressure check to rule out the possibility that you have high blood pressure. Do not hesitate to see a doctor or drink plenty of fluids if you are experiencing severe diarrhoea. Let your doctor know if you’re experiencing severe abdominal pain or black, tarry, or bloody faeces. Tests for liver, kidney and thyroid stimulating hormone levels may be requested.

Make sure you tell your doctor if you have heart disease, liver disease, or renal illness, or if you are taking any medications to treat infections before taking this medication.’ Because many other medications may interact with or be impacted by this one, be sure to tell your doctor about all of your current prescriptions. The use of this medication while pregnant or breast-feeding is not advised. During therapy, it is critical that both men and women use reliable methods of birth control to avoid becoming pregnant.

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Lenvatol (4mg)

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Packaging Size

7 Capsules

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4 mg


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